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Special Treatment

Vision Shaping Treatment

Seeing 20/20 without undergoing surgery

There are 125 million people who use contact lenses worldwide, this does not account for the number of people who just refuse to wear contacts and simply wear glasses. We all have the option of undergoing laser surgery, but the risk factor and side effects of surgery scares a handful of us away. If you are on this boat, there is a product out there that would be sure to get you. The use of hard lenses at night to correct your vision is probably your best and safest bet.

Hard lenses is a pair of corrective lenses that are placed on the cornea of the eye, worn overnight. The lenses are to some way magically “push” your eyesight as close to normal as possible by reshaping the cornea. The process differs from person to person, based on the original eye sight. Within the first two weeks of the process, your eyes will undergo significant change. This is the time to pull out the old glasses because your eyesight will decrease dramatically after one night of use!

Dr. Mui is also a certified provider, who can determine the best process for you. Give us a call or stop by to obtain more information about this fascinating treatment.